Giving your house a makeover can be a big task to take on, not only is it a big commitment of time, it can also become a major commitment of money if you aren’t careful to watch your budget. No matter the scope of your project, or the size of your budget, you never want to feel like you are wasting money on something that you are not loving as you see it develop. There are plenty of ways that you can save money if you are willing to be resourceful and spend some of your personal time sorting things out.  I have not only renovated or updated several houses of my own, but I have been a part of other projects, and learned a few things along the way. If you want to get some insight on the best ways to keep things under budget while still creating the space you dream of, keep reading.

Start with a Solid Plan

The last thing you want to do is waste time and money on a project that is going to have a lot of issues along the way. Even worse, is when you have to go back and redo something because you had not considered all of the variables. Going this route will definitely waste money in the end and also cause a lot of frustration. I would first focus on determining which rooms or spaces you want to focus on first. Make a list of your priorities starting with the spaces that most need an update, and then look at which of those spaces you spend the most time in. This can be a great way to determine the first place to tackle.

Shop Discount and Second Hand

When you are looking for furniture and décor, you should be starting with places that have great deals on new or used items. I love shopping at Macy’s for this type of stuff because they always seem to have something for every style and at a great price. Another great place to look for stuff is at a second hand or consignment store. These places often have great vintage or slightly used items at a fraction of the cost. You may have to settle with a stain or a tear but it can be very worth it depending on where the blemish is on the furniture.

Adapt to Do It Yourself

Learning how to do something yourself can be such an invigorating feeling and also allows you to do a job for a lot less than what you would pay to have someone else do it. If you are unsure about how to complete what seems like a simple task, you can always go online and look for how to tutorials or videos. There are so many do it yourself guides out there for people trying to accomplish almost any home renovation or design project. You may even be able to enlist a friend who is a little handier than you to help out.