As a house interior designer in Bangalore we initially divided into two wings; one that contain facilities for food preparation and group activities like living, dining and private place like bedrooms etc.The house interior pattern over the years have become more refined and individualistic, the dimensions of the place should has to be appropriate to its interior design function.

In the Bedroom the col-or has an important role to play; it can make a place look smaller or bigger or change the interior mood just by combination of different shades. Darker shades absorb lots of light while on the other lighter colour can make a place look brighter. It can define place weather its inside or outside of the house different needs to have different luminous effect, when reflected on an opaque or transparent object it reflects and creates shadows.

The Bedroom combination of both natural and artificial light enhances the design aesthetics which intern creates different moods for different areas.The primary goal in interior design is to co-lor by the design and arrange the furniture such as, your corner office desk in a professional way, manipulation of different interior elements such as s-pace, form and structure along with the right texture; the selection along with the right combination for the design…

Advantages of an Interior Designer

  1. It sets up a right emotional tone.
    It can be made to focus or divert one’s attention.
    c. The spaces can be made to look larger or smaller.
    The role of an interior designer is very important especially in selection of the right interior colors with a combination of lighter and darker shades makes formal a atmosphere. We understand the intent of the design of the space before finalizing where to place the right colo-ur has to be place, what to be highlighted. A mono tone scheme consists of various tints or shades a single neutral scheme such as cream, beige or gray.
    A paint brush or a roller is the nearest thing to a magic-wand for your ro-oom interior design. It can perk up the plainest room; it’s the most simple and cost effective way of uplifting a designers space
    We understand the importance of the area by giving different interior treatments.
    The fundamental theory for harmony of the interior design is to make sure that the col-our schemes should be related to each other for the right harmonious mood in Bangalore. The contemporary interior should have bright and vibrant hues that give a layered effect for the spac-e.

Tips for a good Interior

The Interior of a home, residential, apartment or house should reflect the owner’s personality and should be a mixture of modern, traditional with the aesthetics of design & decoration.
Some dining are a simple equation of a sofa set and a center table but there are others who think in a broad minded way of creating their modern home interior is all about expressing one’s personal taste in a diversity that is only matched by mind boggling variety of is available in the market today for a apartment interior right from furni-ture to furnishings, lighting fixtures to fancy objects to fancy objects…the list goes on and on..
One can define a living by giving clean crisp lines, lack of ornamentation and frills, a simple minimalist design;
The office interior should be vibrant, dramatic and stunning in contemporary style but one which will endure and stand the test of time with its very own simplicity. These spaces that embody timeless grace and not fettered by the period of time;Inspired by modish Interior design trends and have indefinable quality of elegance to satisfy ones tastes, needs and comfort. We believe that creativity, innovativeness, imagination are the true hallmark of any Interior.

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Office Interior designer

We spend more time in office as the work place than in our Home, this is why an office interior designer plays a major role in a working environment in Bangalore where it has become an extension of our dwelling, not only the work place where we carry out professional activity but also one where we relate to and cohabit with other people who share that space.A commercial office place under goes a series of continuous changes as interior Designers we transform the way of how you work..?

Things have changed as a result of increasing development of information technologies and communications, the dimension of work has become less important.Office interior have gradually shrunk as more and more information can be stored in a computer. Workers have gained self sufficiency, with tele-work as the maximum expression of discussion between physical presence and production.